Labor Day weekend brought about great learning and new connections for Eel River! Eric and I attended

the Michigan Bison Bash in Levering, Michigan at New Beginnings Ranch. The Michigan Bison Association

conducted their summer meeting at this event along with the event being open to the public. The

various seminars provided information on agri-tourism, herd health, and tax issues just to name a few.

The new information we obtained from the meeting has given us more work to do here on the ranch!


One new piece of information we learned is that black walnut trees are poisonous to Bison. We have

several black walnut trees in the area we have designated to be the first pasture and we have to take

them down. Although there is a likelihood the Bison will not eat them…better to be safe and keep our

starter herd healthy! It is great to learn new things that will make our ranch the best it can be!


Stay tuned as I continue to update the blog on the progress of the first pasture and the arrival of our

starter herd!