The spring of 2017 led us to plant new pasture on the NW side of the property; approximately 19 acres in all. We finalized seeding and thanks to a nice damp spring the grass grew! We are very thankful for the abundant growth, but the weeds made their appearance this summer. In an effort to keep the pasture looking good and allow the bison to graze the new grass we took to mowing early June. We still had plenty of cool rainy days ahead so we were not too worried about the grass getting heat burnt and dying by July or August when it normally stops raining for several weeks straight. Today, July 16, we took a look at the forecast and it showed rain later today and possibly some rain on and off during the week. We figured, great, a little rain, cool temps and it won’t shock the new grass once we mowed the weeds. So we took off to mow down the weed growth. Set the height on the mower deck at about 8 inches so as not to disrupt the new pasture grass. After a couple hours the pasture is looking great! Now we see the forecast changed to high of 86 today ¬†and no rain when it was supposed to be 78 with possible rain. Oh well, it’s mowed. Now we hope for the best and the new grass survives.