Bison 1Why Bison for dinner? Depending on whom you ask the answer will vary. Some people will say it is because it is gourmet, some will say it is for the nutrition benefits, and others will say it is for the succulent, flavorful taste. In essence all of those answers are correct. Many people choose Bison for multiple reasons and thankfully there is no right or wrong combination!

Bison producers raise Bison as closely as possible to their native conditions. Bison are primarily free-range pastuered with the biggest difference being in how the bison are finished for market. Some producers finish Bison with grains and corn while others finish in the pasture. Producers do not use growth hormones and rarely antibiotics. The United States prohibits the use of growth hormones in any form for Bison production.

Bison nutritional properties far exceed beef and chicken. Bison may be prepared much like beef with no special handling other than typical food safety procedures. The chart below shows the nutritional values for Bison compared to other meats.


Whether the rancher raises Bison for meat production or preservation a common theme among all Bison ranchers is the love of this beautiful, mysterious and majestic American icon. Eel River shares this passion with other ranchers and will always strive for the most natural environment for our herd possible.